On location and Concierge COVID-19 testing so that you protect your employees, customers and your business

With the global outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, companies need a quick and efficient way to identify who has been exposed to the virus and who can return safely to the workplace. Equipped with our antibody detection Rapid Tests, our services can help individuals and employers determine how and when to return to the workplace in the safest way possible. While no test is 100% accurate, identifying as many people as possible with current or previous exposure will dramatically reduce the continued spread of this virus in the home and workplace.

Benefits of Antibody Testing

See whos been exposed and has likely developed immunities

Safely return more people to the workplace

Limit the spread of COVID-19 to your family and community

Help your healthcare provider make informed recommendations

Return to more productive and interfactive daily life

Our Process


Select a test event or schedule in home visit


Sign up


Answer a few questions online


Medical practitioner administer a quick finger prick test


You recieve easy to interpret results after they have been reviewed by our Dr.

Find out if you've been and start getting life back to normal

The CV19RapidTest™ kit is easily performed by or under the supervision of a medical professional, on location making it a viable alternative to quickly and efficiently test large groups.

Our test results can suggest the following:


That an individual is negative, has not been exposed to the virus and should continue to practice mandated social distancing protocol.


That an individual has been recently exposed and is beginning to develop IgM antibodies. Individuals showing little or no symptoms should consider self quarantine and seek further instructions from their healthcare provider.


Individuals are recently exposed and beginning to develop antibodies. Individuals showing moderate to severe symptoms (including fever, shortness of breath, chest pains, etc…) should seek immediate help from their healthcare provider.


That the individual has previously been exposed and is showing the IgG antibody which likely means that they have developed an immunity from the current strain.

Positive IgM responses show that the individual may be developing antibodies for the infection, while positive IgG responses may indicate that the individual has developed antibodies for the current strain of the infection.

Knowing these facts combined with current social distancing and hygiene practices can help individuals and employers better plan for when and how to return to work, as well as minimize risks in work environments.

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